Sell Your Silver

We want to buy your silver! Whether you want to cash out on an investment, want to sell old jewelry, or you inherited silver you don’t have a use for, we want to buy your silver!

The Type of Silver we Buy

We buy all types of silver items in all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Silver bars
  • Silver jewelry
  • Silver silverware
  • Sterling silver
  • European silver
  • And more…

We Buy Silver in All Conditions

Silver tarnishes easily and the older it gets the dirtier it can look. It is also a soft metal which means your items might be dented, scratched, or broken. Do not worry about the condition your silver is in. In almost all cases the value of your silver is determined by its purity and its weight, not by its looks.

Our Process is Simple

Our process is very simple. You can make an appointment, or simply walk into our store with your silver items. We will analyze your pieces, weight them, and make you an offer. There is never an obligation to sell. But if you wish to sell your gold, we will buy it right there and then.

For more information, please call: 602-535-6662