Sell Your Diamonds to Us

Whether you have investment diamonds or diamond jewelry you would like to sell, we are interested in buying your diamonds.

Our extensive experience appraising diamonds allows our experts to properly identify your diamonds in order to make you the best offer. Less experienced diamond buyers might not know exactly what they’re buying and as a result give you a low offer to protect themselves.

We will make you a cash offer right on the spot!

The Types of Diamonds we Buy

At Arizona Gold & Diamonds we buy all types of diamonds, regardless of shape, weight, or clarity, including:

  • Loose diamonds
  • Diamond jewelry
  • Yellow diamonds
  • Black diamonds
  • European cuts
  • Modified shapes
  • And more…

Not Sure What Type of Diamond You Have?

Not a problem! Our experts will be happy to look at your stone(s) and tell you what they are and how much they weigh (how many carat they are).

A Simple Process

Our process is very simple. You can make an appointment, or simply walk into our store with your diamonds. We will analyze your pieces, weight them, and make you an offer. There is never an obligation to sell. But if you wish to sell your diamonds, we will buy it right there and then.

For more information, please call: 602-535-6662